Lenin Peak 7134 m.

«PAMIR SKY - 2008»

Paragliding association under extreme tourism federation of Uzbekistan at cooperation with «Pamir Expeditions» would like to invite everybody to take part in the first international paragliding festival on Lenin Peak (7134 m) area «PAMIR SKY - 2008». Dear friends and guests of the festival Project of this kind of grade is carried out here first time! This is absolutely new direction in history of extreme kinds of sports yet when paragliding and mountaineering are going to meet finally at right time and right place!


Orient is delicate thing. Delicate ornament, delicate silk, fine art, graceful and charming dances. There are too less of people, who are indifferent to the beauty. That’s why Orient and Central Asia particularly attracted travellers from different corners of the world. At different times they were lured by difference circumstances: warm climate, variegated and beautiful nature, mysterious Great Silk Road, mountains… And day by day this interest increases. More people tend to watch by their own eyes all this grandiose heritage of the Middle Ages, to touch distinctive life of local people, to get unforgettable impressions from perfect nature, and - the most great think – from flights above boundless expanse of Western Tien-Shan… Paragliding for Uzbekistan is relatively young kind of the extreme tourism, but the pace of its popularity increasing is just unbelievable.


Here you can find information about the latest developments and news of the world of this breathtaking sport fans ! Many articles, useful information, calendars of the competitions and other will help you to meet closer with the 2008 Calendar of Activities.
As of today the popularity of this sport increased many times, that"s why the history of the high-mountain paragliding is opening the new page and we can be continuers of this interesting and promising activity...




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