Heliskiing & Heliboarding in Central Asia

Off-trail, downhill skiing & snowboarding that is accessed by a helicopter in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan


Heliskiing (Heli ski, Heli-skiing, Heliski) & snowboarding (Heliboard, Heliboarding, Heli-boarding) in welcoming Central Asia provide magnificent virgin slopes of the western and northern Tien Shan (on the territory of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan) and unforgettable freeride experience‎! High mountains of Tien Shan are in no way inferior to the beauty and complexity of the mountains of Norway or Iceland. For example, in mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan one of the most suitable areas for heliskiing are close to the capital of the country (40-50 km from Bishkek) - the Kirghiz Range (average altitude is 3700m, peaks up to 4855m).

In carrying out heliskiing program, Russian helicopters "Mi-8 MTV" are used. Helicopters of this model have a powerful engine and best suited for work in the mountains. This helicopter can accommodate up to 15-16 people with ski equipment. Pilots are highly experienced and know the areas suitable for heliskiing very well. In the helicopter there is all necessary rescue and transportation equipment.

Skiers must have insurance. Moreover, it is necessary to have insurance with maximum coverage of risks and while making a contract it is very important to specify how it will work in the area where you are going to.

The minimum age for heliskiing or heliboarding is 18, but it can be lowered to 14 years if the child rides with his/her parents.

For skiing on the snow slopes skiers must have personal equipment and clothing. By prior request, we can lease out some equipment.

In case of bad weather (unsatisfactory snow conditions and high avalanche danger), we can offer a variety of alteration of the program. For example, moving to the slopes of ski resorts in Central Asia, skiing on which will be possible to combine with a tour of ancient cities of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.





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