Information about base camps of Communism Peak.

An international camp for alpinists is situated on sub alpine zone, in height more than 4200 km. over sea level; on eastern bank terrace, on eastern glaciers of “Valter” and” Moskvina” (The eastern tributary of the glacier Fortambek) and being the most convenient starting base for subjugation of the peak of “Communism” and “Korjehnevskoy” because of the most short approaches to them. The common area of the glacier “Moskvina” is about 10 hectare and it is much safe even in case of rock sliding and avalanching.
There is a lake on the glacier “Moskvina” that is nourished by many springs. On the glacier “Moskvina” Diesel-generator is the main source of the electricity. The thermal electricity for preparing food is a natural gas. Iron tanks with diesel fuels and container with natural gas are brought with the help of helicopters from Dushanbe. A very convenient area for helicopters is also situated here.

You have at your disposal:

• Convenient and spacious tarpaulin wire frame tents.
• For them who wants to feel fresh after raising the base camp have a wonderful Russian bath with a real heat that is burnt every day in the second half of the day.
• An autonomous diesel power plant that provides us with a 20 kilowatt electricity for lightning, burning Russian baths, equipments, recharging of accumulators;
• If you are keep all your things in cells you should not worry about their safety. The commandant of the camp responds for your things safety you can be sure he is very solid, you can trust him.
• Also there lives a doctor. He has his own room with all the necessary medicaments for rendering you the first aid, including oxygen equipments. Resuscitation specialist has a big experience of the high attitude work, so that he can give you skilled help any time you need. He also have such obligations as making examinations, consultations, and delivering all the necessary information about your health during the whole tour so welcome you may ask him!
• For them who do not want to sit in the tent we have a stretched volley ball net, under this net you can find a ball, so your recreation is active every day!
• You will feel much comfortable knowing that some where in the camp sits a special life-saving group that consists of a skilled high attitude guides who are ready to help you anytime and everywhere. In this situation the most important is not to forget to register in the book of leaving. For this you will be given a special certificate after return.
• The most important on the mountain is a normal, hot and a 3 times- a -day food. Our camp guarantees you 2 hot meals, 2 vegetable salads, fruit dessert, tea or coffee (on your desire). Vegetarians we have done everything for your comfort as we have food for vegetarians and you can order everything you would like to we have fore seed everything. In the camp work just professional cooks who have worked in restaurants for more than 10 years.
• The camp provides you with a high-attitude equipment in lease(high attitude tents Red Fox and Terra Nova, ropes e.t.c.).

It is not everything.

You are missing house? In that case we have our satellite phone, internet, radio station providing you connection with Dushanbe, Bishkek, Tashkent the Base camp near Peak Lenin and Khan-Tengri. Your batteries are out of charge? Do not worry you can recharge it. You have burned out the whole gas in your tear gas spray? Cheer up we will supply it for you. And also radio connection with camps, lease of equipments, high attitude porters, mountain guides… do you need something else?

The camp can accept till 120 people at once and it is active till the middle of July or till the end of August.

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