Nowruz - Oriental New Year Holiday

Combined Group Tour of Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan during Nowruz Festival


Countries: Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan  
Tour duration: 10 days / 9 nights

There is no doubt that Uzbekistan’s status as popular touring destination has much to do with its fascinating architecture from various periods, and its rich cultural heritage going back thousands of years. But visiting Uzbekistan during cultural celebrations and festivals can enhance your vacation and add even more unforgettable experiences.

The most cherished and gracious of all Uzbekistan’s national holidays is the spring festival of Novruz which falls on March 21. The holiday coincides with the day of vernal equinox - the start of spring, and traditionally honours the rebirth of nature, hence the name (Novruz means “New Day”).

From the times this spring holiday originated in 3,000 BCE, Novruz has been observed annually, in one form or another, on a wide territory in the East as a festival symbolizing re-awakening of nature, hope for bumper harvest in the fields and gardens, for love and consent in family. Traditionally the festival of masses, Novruz continues to be unimposed, non-political event to the present day.

While initially a religious festival, Novruz is now mostly secular, though it is steeped in symbolism and rich traditions. Several days before the festival, spring cleaning begins when houses are scrupulously cleaned, whereas cities and villages are tidied up and colourfully decorated enriching the atmosphere of upcoming festivities.

On March 21 the festival celebrations start with traditional games, music and drama performances, street art and colourful fairs, joyful traditional dances, various activities for children and adults, lavishly set tables with the most savory festive dishes, including a ritual meal sumalak (a wheat bran pudding) cooked exclusively for Novruz celebrations and thus available for tasting only once a year. The celebrations are also marked with lots of merry partying and social visiting, allowing music, songs, and laughter to be heard late into the night.

The popular belief says, “He who celebrates and has fun on the day of Novruz will spend his life cheerfully until the next Novruz celebration”.

So why not to join in the celebrations of the Spring Festival of Novruz, the nation's signature event?

Make it a spring to remember!

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Nowruz in Uzbekistan
Nowruz in Uzbekistan
Traditional cuisine of Central Asia
Cuisine of Central Asia
Kopkari: Headless Goat
Carcass Polo
Ziyorat. Laylak mozori
Ziyorat. Laylak mozori

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