May Alpiniad in Chimgan mountains


The question about where should You spend May celebrations is not going to be the question at all in case You make up Your mind to spend it at Chimgan mountains. May Alpiniad in Chimgan mountains is annual and always solemn event for mountaineers not only from Uzbekistan but also from close countries, when possibility to pass by loved and by untrodden routes appears, when You have a chance to rise Your mountaineer’s rank, to look at beginners, and when these beginners have a chance to get the rank of «the first step in mountaineering school» leaver. Peace of mind, fun company, evening campfire and songs with the guitar accompaniment coexist here successfully with professional ascents to the summit of Big Chimgan mountain (3309m) and Okhotnichy peak (3099m).

What does it mean - May Alpiniad in Chimgan mountains in Uzbekistan?
May Alpiniad in Chimgan mountains is:
- long-expected opportunity to leave noisy and problematic City and to reload Your mind with mountain wind.
- annual possibility to spend May with huge benefit for Yourself and for Your mountaineer’s health.
- ideal transport availability of the region of Big Chimgan mountain (3309m), abundance of different routes according any desire and mountaineer’s rank (there are categories graduation from 1B to 4B including - according Russian scale), easily accessible rocky and snow areas for training where You could improve Your skills, and also prepare young generation in moral and physical way to their mountaineer’s future; there are a lot of convenient glades for tent camps, handy and crystal-clear water - what else would You desire for full-fledged active rest? By the way, You can take here Your family, too. Your children could be trusted to care of special «kind and attentive» guides who will lead them by most beautiful and safe paths. In case Your parents / wives / babies don’t belong in «Spartan conditions» of mountaineer’s camp then it’s possible to accommodate them at comfortable cottage - there is 30 minutes to walk there. But - of course - that’s much more fun and cool to live all together - to farewell the sun being all together under guitar’s melody, to eat potato baked in live coals of the «pioneer"s campfire» being all together, to wake up with first (well, with first of second) rays of the sun being all together.
- unique chance to catch most wonderful and abloom period of the Spring in mountains when first tulips appear from under the snow cover, and juicy young bright-green grass gladdens the eye and presents most «orange mood» everybody who want it! Gratis!
- and finally this is rare chance to combine Your active mountain «rest» with interesting short sightseeing around ancient towns of Uzbekistan. Why wouldn’t You «catch two rabbits at the same vacation»?

In case all above-listed did not persuade You yet to run to the nearest ticket office for the ticket to Country of oriental fairy tales and mountain extreme - Uzbekistan - then reach our tour operators, they can suggest to You additional attractive offers which are going to solve all Your doubts! As well - polite and experienced tour operators will be glad to share with You by all detailed information concerning Big Chimgan mountain as well as concerning all adjacent regions and about Country in tote. Welcome!

We offer programs for:
1. Climbers of some standing - there is a possibility to raise one’s rank;
2. Beginners who want to become the climbers under the direction of skilled instructors;
3. Families which have one or two persons are fond of mountains but birth of children is a barrier for progress in alpinism. Viva family rest!

Information about Mountaineer’s Camp:
Encampment of mountaineers is situated in Ak-Say gorge in 80km from Tashkent at the altitude of 1600m above sea level. Per se, it`s some kind of Camp with plenty of tents and central «street» in the middle. Besides mountaineers, simple holidaymakers who have been thinking too a long time about running away from city problems close to Nature come to the Camp, too. Also we arrange active rest for children in our Camp (we provide guide-instructor) including for children with individual requests, special meal etc. (it should be ordered at preliminary correspondence with our tour operators). There is qualified mountain doctor is being on duty every day at our Camp, and You can apply to him for help anytime.
Accommodtion: comfortable tents for two. We provide camping mats for Your comfort.

Camp facilities:

Mess-room which is dining-tent at the same time (spacious marquee-tent);
Kitchen (marquee-tent);
«Red Fox Family» tents for two;
Music, guitar, table games and computer;
Volleyball net;
Electricity (220V, 50Hz);
Toilet (field toilet tent) - it’s kept at absolutely clear hygienic state (daily processing with antibacterial agent), it’s in excess supply of toilet paper inside;
At will You can visit sauna with steam room and shower - all these useful things are in «Chimgan Oromgokhy» mountain complex (for additional not much payment).

According to your request and the complex of necessary services we work out an individual program for you. By your request we also can give the description of all routes to Chimgan summit. The standard program is assigned for the beginners who have no climbing training. The given program includes familiarization course of lectures on the climbing technique and the refinements of being in the mountains, practical exercises and also the ascents to Chimgan summit (3309 m).


It is advisable to have the following climbing equipment and inventory: Rucksack (capacity of 60-100 liters), mountain or track boots with welts for grapnels, mountain sunglasses (to have a spare one), sunscreen (no less than 25 factor), lipstick (hygienic), personal individual first-aid set, powder-puff, warm and waterproof trousers, warm gloves, hat, cap, summer clothes (shorts, T-shorts), weatherproof clothing, warm wool half-hose (2-3 pairs), warm sweater or jersey, shoe covers, ice-axe, climbing grapnels, helmet, safety system (stud), carabine (with a muff - 3 items, steel with a muff - 1 item, without muff - 1-2 items), “jumar” (clamp on the rope), a rope (4-6 mm, 2-3 m), head lamp.

If you are used to any specific/unique meals - please take it with you because we cannot guarantee that we have them in the camp.

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