Main sights of Margilan
Uzbekistan traditional handmade silk production centre


Margilan is situated in the southern part of the Fergana valley, 9 km from the city of Fergana, the administrative centre of the province. The city of Margilan which is over 2,000 years old was one of the earliest urban communities that sprang up in the Fergana valley (Old Margilan) and an important point on the Great Silk Road (Route).

Until our days Margilan has remained a traditional silk production centre, the ‘silk heart’ of Uzbekistan. Generations of artisans skilled in making most beautiful silk fabrics (adras, khan atlas referred to as royal silk and others) by hand, following ancient technologies, have been inhabiting the area since long ago.

As it was at the time of the 'Great Silk Road’s peak activity, the indescribably beautiful silk from Margilan is exported today to a number of countries around the world, including Germany, Iran, India, Russia, Republic of Korea and others. The world’s leading fashion designers use successfully Margilan silk to produce their clothes.

Furthermore, Margilan is famous for its architectural monuments, which make up the city’s principal attractions. The Pir Siddik complex with a dovecote, Khoja Maggiz mausoleum which was the most famous one in the Khanate of Kokand, Said Ahmad Khoja madrasah functioning today as a higher Muslim school and other places of interest in Margilan deserve closest attention.

Places to visit and top sights in Margilan:

  • "Yodgorlik" Silk Factory - Uzbekistan’s largest traditional silk factory.
  • Pir Siddiq Memorial Complex.
  • Khodja Maggiz Mausoleum - Islamic architecture monument.
  • Functioning Said Akhmad Khodja Madrasseh (19th-century school).
  • Toron Mosque in Fergana style (19th-century).
  • Chakar Mosque and Toron-Bazar Mosque.
  • Oriental Bazaar.

How to get to Margilan:

  • Speed train Tashkent - Margilan;

How to visit Margilan:




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