Obtaining visa for Turkmenistan


To cross the frontier of Republic Turkmenistan foreign citizens must obtain Turkmen visa. Visa for the Republic of Turkmenistan can be obtained on the basis of visa invitation letter. It usually takes 5-7 working days to legalize the visa support (visa invitation letter).

Visa invitation letter for tourist visa is made by tourist company acting as inviting party in this case. It is desirable to send us the following information in a month before your supposed travel to legalize the invitation letter:

  • Full name (first name, last name, middle name);
  • Nationality;
  • Date and place of birth (Please indicate concrete country and city);
  • Serial number of passport;
  • Passport’s date of issue;
  • Passport’s date of expire;
  • Home address and telephone number;
  • Work place, name of employer company, its full address and telephone number, occupied position;
  • Preferable place of visa obtaining;
  • Period of stay in Turkmenistan;
  • Scanned passport copy of high quality.

At the moment visa invitation for Turkmenistan is legalized through the MFA of Turkmenistan only after providing the information about tourist’s accommodation in one or another hotel to the migration service. It means that hotel reservation through tourist company is compulsory for invitation legalization!

Minimal cost of visa invitation legalization is 300 USD per person.

This cost includes:

Visa support (invitation), registration, tourist voucher;
2 transfers: airport-hotel-airport;
Hotel reservation.


This cost does not include:

Accommodation costs.


After you specify the level of the hotel (2-3* or 3-4 *), type of the room and exact dates for reservation, we will be able to send information about accommodation costs which will be added to the minimal costs.

After receiving the letter of invitation you should provide the following documents for consular department of the embassy of Turkmenistan:

  • Original letter of invitation from juridical or physical person legalized in prescribed manner and approved by Turkmenistan State Service of foreign citizens’ registration; or voucher from Turkmen tourist company possessing the license for the right of tourist activity.
  • Passport for traveling abroad with the date of expire at least of 6 months (in the case of obtaining new passport for traveling abroad or annulment of the old one, you should apply for relegalizing of the visa).
  • One copy of the passport for traveling abroad (all the pages possessing official notes).
  • Copy of domestic passport (all the pages possessing official notes).
  • Written approval from the working place on the company’s blank with the seal, providing the information about company’s address, telephone number, position and rate of salary. Those who are not working should provide copy of pension-book or student’s identity card as well as information sheet from working place of one of the relatives (sponsors) where position and rate of salary will be identified.
  • Two visa application forms, filled in prescribed manner (application forms must be filled in the consular department; copies of application forms are not accepted).
  • Two new photos with 3х4 cm size.

Visa for Republic of Turkmenistan is legalized only on the basis of the result of private conversation with the Consul. Accepting the documents and application forms from those who act on behalf of somebody else is made only on the basis of warrant, legalized in prescribed manner (for private invitations warrant must be notary certified; for business and official invitations letter of warrant must contain signature of company’s leader, seal of the organization and name of entrusted person).

Visa for Turkmenistan may be obtained in embassies and consular departments of the cities, where diplomatic representatives of the republic are based. Moreover this visa may be obtained in Tashkent city as well as on “Alat” and “Khodjeyli” control admission posts and in the airport of Ashgabat by arrival in case of possessing of invitation letter approved by Turkmenistan State Service of foreign citizens’ registration.

Every traveler arrived without visa or without documents necessary for obtaining visa in the airport may be departed immediately and for his own money. To cross “Gaudan”, “Seraks” and “Meshkhed” control admission posts (from Iran’s side) you should have ready Turkmen visa.

Special attention should be paid for the following point. Point of crossing the frontier is compulsory specified in the Turkmen visa. If the rout of journey assumes crossing the frontier through another control admission post, tourist won’t be allowed to enter Turkmenistan.

During 3 working days after the arrival tourist’s passport must be registered in the Department for tourism and sport of Turkmenistan. Due to frequent changes in the visa policy it would be better to contact embassy of Turkmenistan before the journey in order to get the latest information.

A child visiting Turkmenistan with his parents must be registered in their passports for traveling abroad or he may use his own passport for traveling abroad. The child must be noted in the invitation letter as well. For legalizing visa for the child the following additional documents should be submitted: copy of birth certificate, copy of certificate of parents’ marriage and two photos. Those who want to visit Turkmenistan for passing the recovering course in sanatoria and health resorts must additionally provide written request, letter of confirmation of hosting organization, direction from the place of residence polyclinic and sanatoria and health resort card of the medical institution which have made an examination.

Consular costs for visa should be submitted in the same day with the documents for application. For urgent visa legalization additional costs should be provided.

Import and export of local currency is prohibited for the foreigners. Import of foreign currency is not limited (but the amount should be specified in the declaration). You can export the amount of money not exceeding the one showed in the declaration. To escape the problems at customs it is preferable to keep all the money exchange receipts and bills from the shops. Export of carpets, jewels, musical instruments, works of art and antiquary, archeological exhibits and etc. is possible only in case of possessing the documents confirming the legality of its purchasing. To export carpets from Turkmenistan it is necessary to get a certificate from Carpet Museum of Ashgabat that this carpet does not have any historical value. Moreover you should pay a tax, the amount of which depends on carpet’s size.

Following consular takings tariffs are stipulated according to the law of the Republic of Turkmenistan for obtaining visa:

Single visa:
From 10 to 20 days - 31 USD;
For 20 days - 41 USD;
- from 20 days to 1 month - 51 USD;
- adding every extra month - 30 USD;
- more than 2 months - 81USD.

Multiple visa:
- for the period of less than a month - 71 USD;
- adding every extra month - 40 USD;
- more than 2 months - 111 USD.

On rest-days visa costs (obtained in the frontier) increase for 10 USD per person.
On the dates of national Turkmen holidays visa costs also increase for 10 USD per person.

Please note that consular costs for such countries as Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, Great Britain and Uzbekistan may fluctuate.


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