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Alay Valley

Alay Valley

The Alay Valley (Alai Valley) called by locals simply ‘Alay’ (‘Alai’) is one of the most picturesque parts of the Pamir-Alai, a tectonic depression between the Alay and Trans Alay Ranges situated in the south of Kyrgyzstan at elevations between 2,240 m and 3,536 m. The valley stretches 150 km west to east, with a width between 8 km and 25 km, and runs across most of southern Osh Province. The Alay Range is lower than the Trans Alay Range. It features a number of rich summer pastures (jayloo) hidden in its gorges, while the Trans Alay Range is characterised by very high, inaccessible, everwhite summits, which are massive and light at the same time, seeming rather to try to reach the sun and the sky than to press upon the earth.

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Pamir Highway

Pamir Highway

The famous Pamir Highway is an asphalt road running at high altitudes for 700 km to link Dushanbe with Khorog (Tajikistan) and Osh (Kyrgyzstan). The Pamir Highway also known officially as route M41 (M41 Road, M41 highway) largely follows the Tajik border with Afghanistan and China. This mountain road ranks as one of the world’s highest international asphalt roads. The highway is hugely important as part of the regional infrastructure, as this is the only artery linking the remote areas of the Pamir Mountainswith the rest of the world.

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