Visa to Kyrgyzstan

Getting visa to Kyrgyzstan. Who is granted visa-free access to Kyrgyzstan. Visa support procedure

Attention of European and other foreign countries citizens!

Nationals holding all types of passports of the following 44 countries don’t need any visa to enter the Kyrgyz Republic for the period up to 60 days according to the law "On introduction of visa-free regime for citizens of some countries for the period up to 60 days".

List of states granted visa-free access to Kyrgyzstan up to 60 days:

Australia Hellenic Republic Kingdom of Netherlands
Austrian Republic Republic of Hungary Kingdom of Norway
Kingdom of Belgium Republic of Iceland Republic of Poland
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ireland Republic Portugal Republic
Republic of Bulgaria State of Israel Romania
Canada Italian Republic Republic of Serbia
Czech Republic Republic of Korea Republic of Singapore
Republic of Croatia Republic of Latvia Slovak Republic
Republic of Cyprus Principality of Liechtenstein Republic of Slovenia
Kingdom of Denmark Lithuanian Republic Kingdom of Spain
Republic of Estonia Great Duchy of Luxembourg Kingdom of Sweden
Republic of Finland Republic of Malta Swiss Confederation
French Republic Republic of Macedonia United States of America
Federative Republic of Germany Principality of Monaco New Zealand
United Kingdom Montenegro

Under current rules visa-free stay within unlimited period on the territory of Kyrgyzstan is granted for the nationals of the following countries:

Russia Moldova
Belorussia Tajikistan
Kazakhstan Cuba
Azerbaijan Vietnam
Armenia Japan
Georgia North Korea

Limited period visa-free entry to Kyrgyzstan is granted to the nationals of the following countries:

Mongolia (up to 90 days) Malaysia (up to 30 days)
Ukraine (up to 90 days) Turkey (up to 30 days)
Uzbekistan (up to 60 days)

List of countries whose citizens are granted Kyrgyz visa under simplified visa procedure (without Invitation Letter):

Andorra Israel Serbia
Albania Cyprus Venezuela
Argentina Macedonia Thailand
Bulgaria Indonesia Philippines
Brazil Mexico Montenegro
Chili Romania Republic of South Africa
Sultanate of Oman San Marino

Request for visa support

To enter the territory of Kyrgyzstan the nationals of foreign countries, other than those included in the list of countries granted the visa-free regime, are required to obtain Kyrgyz entry visa. For the nationals of the countries not included in the list of nations granted simplified visa procedure, the visa is issued on presenting Invitation Letter. Visa support (Invitation Letter) procedure takes up to 10 working days.

To obtain tourist visa to Kyrgyzstan Invitation letter is arranged by travel agency, which in this case is a hosting partner. In order to obtain Invitation Letter the following data and details should be provided to us one month before the expected travel:

Full name
Date and place of birth ( please indicate the exact country and city)
Passport number
Date of passport issue
Passport expiry date
Home address and telephone number
Working place: official name of the company/enterprise, its full address, applicant’s position in this company
Preferable place of visa application
Dates of stay in Kyrgyzstan
Good quality photocopy of the passport

Visa issue

Kyrgyz visa can be obtained at Consulate of the Kyrgyz Embassy located in your country, or at consular office on arrival in Bishkek “Manas” airport.

To obtain tourist visa the holders of foreign passport must submit to Kyrgyz diplomatic representation or consulate the following documents:

Passport with expiry date exceeding the visa validity for a minimum period of three months
Two copies of duly completed official visa application form
Two passport-size photos

Tourist visa is issued for a period of one month, with possibility to be extended for one extra month against valid reason.

The rates of consular fees cover the consular services provided within 4-10 working days. For consular services provided within three working days the consular fee rates increase by 100%. For after-hours consular services as well as for services provided on weekends and holidays the consular fee rates increase by 200%.

Consular fee rates

The fee collected by Consular office for entry visa issue and extension (in USD):

1. Acceptance of visa applications for preliminary consideration and registration - 10 USD;

2. Single entry visa issue:

Up to 1 month - 50 USD;
From 1 month to 3 months - 60 USD;
From 3 months to 6 months - 70 USD;

3. Multiple entry visa issue:

Up to 1 month - 60 USD;
From 1 month to 3 months - 80 USD;
From 3 months to 6 months - 120 USD;
From 6 months to 1 year - 180 USD;

4. Tourist visa issue:

Single entry visa up to 15 days - 30 USD;
Single entry visa up to 1 month - 40 USD;
Double entry visa up to 1 month - 55 USD;
Single entry group visa - 20 USD/person;
Double entry group visa - 30 USD/person;

5. Transit visa issue (up to 5 days):

Single entry transit visa - 25 USD;
Double entry transit visa - 35 USD;

The rates for visa issue at consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan functioning at Bishkek’s Manas international airport:

Single-entry visa, except for tourist visa, up to 1 month - 70 USD;
Double-entry visa, except for tourist visa, up to 1 month - 100 USD;
Tourist visa up to 15 days - 50 USD;
Tourist visa up to 1 month - 60 USD;
Double-entry tourist visa up to 1 month - 70 USD;
Transit visa - 40 USD;
Transit double-entry visa - 50 USD.

Registration procedure for foreign nationals entering Kyrgyzstan

Foreign nationals and stateless individuals entering the territory of Kyrgyzstan for a period exceeding 5 working days are bound to register with appropriate state organs at the place of arrival. Children under 18 years old who enter the territory of Kyrgyzstan together with their parents, or one of the parents, are registered simultaneously with their parent/parents.

Persons qualified for exemption from passport registration:

Foreign nationals who are eligible for visa-free regime, provided their stay in Kyrgyzstan does not exceed 60 days (for nationals of Russia and Kazakhstan the stay should not exceed 90 days).
Foreign nationals who are eligible for simplified visa issue procedure, provided their stay in Kyrgyzstan does not exceed 60 days.

Special permits for visiting border zones

A special permit is required for visiting zones of border control. These zones include the area on Kyrgyzstan-China border and 6 other zones in Kyrgyzstan: Engilchek region, northern part of Terskey Ala-too, the area from Ak-Sai in the east to Juuku in the west, Chatkal valley and Ak-Sai glacier in Ala-Archa gorge.

“Central Asia Travel” company arranges all the necessary permits including the one to the zone of border control where Lenin peak is located. To enable us to make all necessary arrangements you should provide us, not less than 1 month before your planned visit, with photocopy of your passport and specify the dates of your stay in these zones.

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