Tours to Iran

Grandiose architecture of Ancient Orient, antique buildings and authentic culture


Travel to Iran represents a fascinating journey along the formerly powerful and beatific Ancient Persia - the country of great kings, unique buildings and ancient culture.

Iran tours in different variations offer the following:

Visit Tehran, its unforgettable by informational value, beautiful design and content museums, special attention should be paid to Tehran Jewelry museum - a place, which undoubtedly will be liked by ladies;
Trip to the amazing colorful and authentic Abiyaneh village, where all the buildings have reddish tone;
Persian tours: trip to the legendary Persepolis (or ancient Parsa) and the ruins of giant palace complex - apadana of Darius the Great, and majestic Naqsh-e Rustam king tombs with sculptured bas-reliefs in the rock;
Isfahan and Shiraz will get all the guests acquainted with beautiful mosques, palaces, bridges above Zayenderud river, which resemble unique outlines under the night-time lightning, and Vank Cathedral - the main holy shrine of Armenian diaspora in Iran;
Ride to Yazd - Iran Zoroastrian center - will familiarize the tourists with ancient Zoroastrian culture, their shrines and monuments;
Iran holidays and beach vacation on the sunny Kish Island with separate beaches for men and women;
Iran tourism also includes adventure vacations: program of ascension to Damavand volcano of 5670 m in height, which is located in Elburz mountain range.


Visit Iran and discover the legendary Persia!



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