According to the results of visitors votes the highest number of votes took Nina Stepanova, Russia (4 381 votes) and she becomes the winner of Competition «Vacatiion in the Pamirs - 2016». She receives a certificate for a free participation in the «Vacatiion in the Pamirs» for 3 persons (2 adults + 1 child over 8 years old). The program will take place from July 3, 2016 on August 14, 2016 (the date of arrival can be seen here). We congratulate the winner!!! Second place goes to Vanessa Castrejon Raymundo (2 471 votes) and she receives a certificate for 50% discount of the «Vacatiion in the Pamirs» for 3 persons (2 adults + 1 child over 8 years old). The third place goes to Stephania Nikitina (958 votes) and he receives a certificate for 20% discount of the «Vacatiion in the Pamirs» for 3 persons (2 adults + 1 child over 8 years old). We congratulate the winners and thank all of participants!!
Shortly, the representatives of our company will contact with the winners and prizewinners.

Participants and their answers

Rules for participation in the competition

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2. Post the piece of news about the competition on your Chronicle on Facebook. Your post must be visible to all; 3. Press a button «I want to participate!», fill the form and write a short, but very persuasive answer to the question ‘Why would you like to spend holidays with your family (with the children) away from the urban civilisation, amid the absolute silence of the primeval Pamir Mountains?’. Try to express your feelings in a way you like most – in a short essay, brief lyrical sketch or verses. But remember: brevity is the soul of wit! In order to win, your explanation must be acknowledged both by the visitors of our website, most of whom will be ready to vote in your favour, and by our Team as the most original and motivated! No one must doubt that you are the Winner. We wish you good luck! 4. We will post all the writings we receive here, on the special Competition web-page. The winner will be selected first of all by voting of visitors of our site and secondary by judges of our Company. 5. Voting will be continued from the moment of publication till May 31. Visitors are allowed to vote only once a day. WE WISH YOU A VICTORY IN THE COMPETITION! to the top »»

Prizes for the winners

The Winner will receive the MAIN PRIZE, a certificate for free participation in the programme ‘Vacatiion in the Pamirs - 2016’ for 3 persons (2 adults + 1 child). The trip will start and end in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. ‘Vacatiion in the Pamirs – 2016’ will be running from July 14, 2016 till August 13, 2016. Dates and detailed description you can find here: The cost of international air flights is not included in the prize certificate, the winner buys air tickets on his own. Consolation prizes: Second place: a certificate for a 50% discount on ‘Vacatiion in the Pamirs – 2016’; Third place: a certificate for a 20% discount on the ‘Vacatiion in the Pamirs – 2016’. All the certificates will be valid within one year and may be used by your friends or relatives. to the top »»

About ‘Vacatiion in the Pamirs – 2016’

We have launched the brand-new and absolutely risk-free tour program Vacatiion in the Pamirs in visa-free entry Kyrgyzstan (44 countries; max. 60-day stays). Thanks to our Yurt Camp convenient location accessible to motor vehicles, this program can be taken as an exciting supplement to a cultural sightseeing tour or just an individual vacation. Lenin Peak area provides a lot of recreational opportunities for those who want to stay in the Pamirs - perhaps with their children- without climbing the mountain. It is where you can enjoy majestic alpine landscapes with fabulous lakes, amazingly clean mountain air, easy trail hiking, riding elegant Kyrgyz horses and mountain bikes, as well as meeting the local Pamiri people and getting familiar with their everyday life. All these activities are possible in the vicinity of a comfortable yurt camp on Edelweiss Meadow (3,600 m) at the foot of the giant snowcapped mountain Lenin Peak (7,134 m). You can also play volleyball, take photos or relax in a sauna in the camp, as well as sample the delicious traditional Kyrgyz cuisine. You may want to hike up to the top of one of the nearest hills to enjoy the breathtaking view of Alay Valley, or to Yurt Camp 1 (4,400 m) where climbers from many countries set out on their Lenin Peak conquests. to the top »»

Photos of the tour:

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