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What is “Keep Snow Clear 2015” and which is its purpose?

Keep Snow Clear 2015” is a traditional broad voluntary ecological operation aimed at removing litter from the glacier of Lenin Peak (7,134 m, Pamirs, Kyrgyzstan). In 2014 we successfully held our first ecological campaign; about 344 kg of litter were carried down from the high altitudes of Lenin Peak (the Lenin Peak glacier (4,400 m) and two high-altitude camps – Camp 2 (5,300 m) and Camp 3 (6,100 m), which we afterwards forwarded for recycling. In the course of the 2014 climbing season 38 voluntary mountaineers and ordinary travellers had come from Russia, Iran, Brazil, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, participated in the event. In 2015, we decided to continue our ecological campaign. Unfortunately there are still heaps of litter scattered all over the snow-white slopes is a truly disgusting sight! Kilograms of plastic bags and other waste to be preserved by the glacier for the following generations… We all arrive there to enjoy the primordial purity and beauty of the high mountains. But only the most conscious, intelligent and kind-hearted of us would be willing to clean the trash left by the legions of those who had been in the mountains before off the slopes. This action is a right, necessary and timely deed. We want as many people as possible involved in this very useful campaign and we welcome any volunteers sharing our aspiration for purity and harmony! We hope this will grow into a regular event involving more and more sympathetic people each year. And we sincerely believe that the day will come when all people, including mountaineers, will live following the principle “Not that place is clean which is cleaned, but that which is not made dirty”. Join us, dear friends!

Rules for participation in “Keep Snow Clear 2015”

1. Who can participate in the event? Everyone! Everyone with common sense! Everyone who can put litter in a bag and bring it down to our Camp 1. As well as all companies wishing to participate in this noble deed and ready to give any financial and information support. "Keep Snow Clear 2015” is organized not only for the clients of Central Asia Travel who arrive there to climb Lenin Peak, but also for tourists who come on their own to the neighborhood of the mountain. HOW TO PARTICIPATE:    •  Fill registration form here.    •  Share this on your Facebook / Twitter   The Central Asia Travel company is the organizer of the event. If you are a member of mountaineering clubs or other organizations and associations, bring with you your flags and printed materials: they will surely find they place at our Base Camps! Besides, we will post your banner on our website, on the page dedicated to the “Keep Snow Clear 2015” event, as well as in the associated groups in social networks, where the information will be regularly updated in the course of the event. 2. Those who have failed to be registered beforehand but wish to participate in the event may be registered right on the spot by informing the Organizer (superintendant of the Base Camp or Camp 1) and filling a form, where they should indicate their first name and surname, sex, phone number, e-mail, country and address. You can join us at any moment in the course of the event. 3. In which way you can participate. Apart from direct help in removing litter from the glacier of Lenin Peak, we would grateful for any other support, financial, material (for instance, we will need bags for collection and transportation of litter from the upper camps to Camp 1) or information (coverage of the event in the mass media, social networks, blogs, forums and so on). 4. The employees of Central Asia Travel are engaged in cleaning the area on a regular basis and therefore may not take part in the “Keep Snow Clear 2015” event. 5. In the Organizer’s Base Camp each participant receives special plastic bags with logos, a kerchief and a T-shirt with the logos of “Keep Snow Clear 2015”. 6. The event will be held during Lenin Peak season - 2015. People can arrive under Lenin Peak during the whole period, and to ensure equal opportunities for all, each participant is given 16 days to take part in the event. 7. The goal of a participant is to collect as much litter as possible, give it to the Organizers at the acceptance point (Central Asia Travel Camp 1) and score points. One point equals one kilogram of litter. Every participant himself collects and carries litter to the acceptance point. Taking litter from containers and bins in the Base and First Camps of any company working in the neighborhood of Lenin Peak, as well as from settlements and the yurts of local people, is prohibited. In case the Organizers discover this, they do not include the points for the litter in the participant’s total score and may even deduct some points as a penalty. In case the violation occurs again, the organizers may disqualify the participant. Litter must be collected from upper camps (Camp 2, 3 and 4), from paths onto Lenin Peak and from the summit and slopes of the mountain. 8. The surname of each “Keep Snow Clear 2015” participant is entered into a special record, where information about the weight of the collected litter will also be put down afterwards. Litter may be brought to Camp 1 any number of times within 16 days after the beginning of participation, the total weight of litter brought being recorded every time after weighing.

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Each participant receives a T-shirt and a kerchief with the logos of the company and the “Keep Snow Clear 2015” event. In the course of the event information about the leaders of the competition is posted on the information stands at the Base Camp and Camp 1, as well as on the Central Asia Travel’s website and in internet resources dedicated to the event. A participant who has received the largest number of points by the end of the event wins the competition. The 2nd and 3rd places are determined following the same scheme. The winners will be determined and awarded upon completion of the event, in September 2015. The presents will be sent to the address indicated in the application for registration. Prizes for the Winners Winner: A certificate for free participation in a tour featuring visits to the cities of the Great Silk Road or, as an option, a certificate for free participation in an expedition to Lenin Peak in 2016 (‘Business’ Option, Osh – Osh). Second place: An altitude tent for 3 persons. Third place: A gas burner. The certificates are valid within one year and may be used by the winner’s friends or relatives.


For companies In which way you can participate in the event We will need bags for the collection of litter and its transportation from the upper camps to Camp 1. We welcome any information, material or financial support, but what we really need is people who would agree to take an active part in the collection of litter and its transportation to the camp. We will gladly accept any help from you! On our part, we would be happy to offer to advertize something for you: - We will post your banner on our website, on the page dedicated to the “Keep Snow Clear 2015” event, as well as in the associated groups in social networks, where the information will be regularly updated in the course of the event. - We will place your banner on the yurts in the Base Camp and Camp 1. - You may have your logos printed on landmarks helping the “Keep Snow Clear 2015” participants find the route and on the bags for collecting litter. - bring with you your flags and printed materials to be displayed at our Base Camps.


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