The Stans: Central Asian Quintet


Central Asia, our company is a namesake of, still remains terra incognita for many westerners. It consists of the five former USSR republics of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, also known as the Stans, which became independent countries only in 1991. Hidden behind the Soviet iron curtain for nearly the whole 20th century, they are now new, and so quite intriguing, tourism destinations to explore, promising enjoyable travel experiences.

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Expedition to Lenin Peak

The Lenin Peak (7,134 m) today is one of the most popular, easy of access and because of that most frequented peaks among 7,000m-odd summits of Pamir. It’s a common belief that the Lenin Peak is one of the easiest of the CIS’s four 7,000m-odd peaks to climb. To the certain extent that’s true but not in all. One should remember that the altitude over 7,000m makes the peak an object of high-altitude climbing. The route in itself is not a technically difficult one and normally is carried out by mountaineers climbing in a roped-up-pair manner.

Countries: Kyrgyzstan. Program of ascension to Lenin Peak - 21 days

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To Aral Sea via Kyzyl-Kum Desert

We offer you the opportunity to set out on an exciting journey during which - besides classic excursions round the famous Oriental cities with rich historical legacies - you can visit the least explored corners of Uzbekistan. The beautiful landscapes of the hot Kyzyl Kum Desert and its flora and fauna, endless steppes and peculiar rocks, mysterious ancient Zoroastrian forts, dinosaur and tree fossils are just a small part you can see there. You can also visit lonely desert settlements to learn the locals’ customs and mode of life, and get to the shore of the shrinking Aral Sea after covering several hundred kilometers across the desert.

Countries: Uzbekistan. Adventure Jeep Tour - 15 days.

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To the Heart of Tamerlane`s Empire

This exciting and informative tour will enlighten you on the history and culture of Uzbekistan and its world-famous ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva, which still keep traces and legacies of the trade Silk Road cultural exchange and once-great empires of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and especially Timur, better known as Tamerlane in the West, who made Samarkand his capital. A military genius whose conquests shook the world in the 14th century, Timur was also a great patron of the arts. Samarkand still boasts a number of magnificent architectural monuments built during the reign of his dynasty, including his mausoleum Gur-e Amir, a gem of medieval Islamic architecture, where he lies under a huge jade slab.

Countries: Uzbekistan. Heritage Tour of Uzbekistan - 8 days.

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Great Silk Road

During the thousand of years this famous road had jointed China to the Mediterranean and at the same time - two old hugest civilizations of that period - Oriental and Western. Many years this road was used for numerous caravans with expensive materials, silk, exotic spices and precious stones and as result- many grandiose palaces, majestic mosques and madrassahs appeared along the road. Today you also can go trough the same old road! Along ancient ways of the Great Silk Road!

Countries: China - Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan - Iran
Heritage Tour of China and Central Asia - 35 days.

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Resort in the Pamirs

Lenin Peak area provides a lot of recreational opportunities for those who want to stay in the Pamirs - perhaps with their children - without climbing the mountain. It is where you can enjoy majestic alpine landscapes with fabulous lakes, amazingly clean mountain air, easy trail hiking, riding elegant Kyrgyz horses and mountain bikes, as well as meeting the local Pamiri people and getting familiar with their everyday life. All these activities are possible in the vicinity of a comfortable yurt camp on Edelweiss Meadow (3,600 m) at the foot of the giant snowcapped mountain Lenin Peak (7,134 m).

Countries: Kyrgyzstan. Holliday near Lenin Peak - 10 days.

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The Pamirs. Wakhan Corridor

This jeep tour will allow you to explore the famous Wakhan Corridor in Tajikistan. You will have the opportunity to see one of the wildest places on earth, learn the history and live centuries-old culture of the Pamiri people, enjoy Asian hospitality and breathtaking landscapes of the Pamir mountains, find yourself on the very border of man’s possible conditions of life, have an unforgettable time at the foot of a giant icy mountain that is over 7,000 m in height (officially called Ibn Sina Peak in Tajikistan and Lenin Peak - the Soviet name - in Kyrgyzstan) and get back to civilization in green and warm Kyrgyzstan.

Countries: Kyrgyzstan - Tadjikistan. Adventure Jeep Tour - 16 days.

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Journey to Aksu and Sabakh peaks

The nature of the Pamir-Alay mountains is really fabulous. Bright colours of valleys and foothills give place to austere modest palette of the rocks, snow-clad peaks and glaciers. The mountains of Pamir-Alay system are majestically tall with sharply outlined peaks. The contrasting images of the area fascinate with their apparent inconsistency. Crystal-clear air impregnated with coniferous fragrance of thick juniper woods makes you feel exhilarated. Roaring untamed streams give life and strength to the surrounding majestic beauty. Here, among the landscapes of the famous Aksu peak (5365m).

Countries: Kyrgyzstan. Trekking - 13 days.

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Sogdiana - the Pearl of the East

This tour will guide you across two Central Asian republics - Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan - where two powerful states - Bactria and Sogdiana - were located in ancestry. The ruins of ancient fortresses of Merv, Khwarezm, Penjikent and Afrosiab are preserved till nowadays and remind of the bygone might of perished empires. Well, let’s meet the ancestry! The tour “Sogdiana - the Pearl of the East” will guide you across two Central Asian republics - Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan - where two powerful states - Bactria and Sogdiana - were located in ancestry.

Countries: Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan. Heritage Tour of Central Asia - 15 days.

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